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Venture Camp Vanderbijlpark

by | Nov 5, 2018 | Events, News

Venture Camp Vanderbijlpark

We had a Venture Camp at Vanderbijlpark, Midrand Christian College family had wonderful time to get to know each others  from 19 to 21 October 2018. The venture camp was to help learners to go on Personal Mastery, many learners never get to be pushed in their comfort. “Life without limbs? Or life without limits?” was aimed at helping learners to see a climbs of what real life situations can be like as they ran through Obstacles courses, work as a team and earn points for team members. Personal Mastery is on-going and long term plan, so many people need to set aside time to do just that. We kids go on a camp, they have expectations and during camping, the reality kicks in and emotions become real and we work with those emotions and build positively to help learners see the world differently.

Thank you for all MCC staff, students and parents how made this camping a success.  

God bless you all.